Communication: Key to motivating employees

lindaIf you want to motivate your employees, you don’t have to dig deep into your pocketbook. Certainly, money is important, but as long as you are paying a fair and competitive wage, money is not the  motivator.

What do employees want, then? Interesting work. Appreciation. And communication.

These results come from university studies conducted originally in 1946, redone several times since then. The results have not changed much. People want (and need) to feel they are being paid fairly. But they become committed (motivated) when they know what’s going on.

As you plan your budgets for 2003, don’t neglect your communication budget.

Decide which messages you want to send to your employees during this new fiscal year to help you achieve the financial results you want.

Here are some examples of messages you may want to send:

• “Rising costs and flat sales have dramatically affected our operating budget. We need your help to meet this challenge.”

• “We are growing and we need your help to get and keep the best employees possible!”

• “Management’s door is always open. We want to remain union-free!”

• “We are changing to become a stronger leader in our market!”

• “Keep safe. We don’t want our employees hurt on the job.”

• “Your health is important to us.”

• “We want you to keep learning. Your training and education give us a competitive edge.”

Deciding on the messages you want to send is just the first step in communicating with your employees. Consistently sending them those messages through various media is the key to good employee communication.Budgeting communication isn’t a matter of allocating dollars — it’s a matter of planning what you want to say and then consistently saying it.Until next time,

Linda Segall

Segall Enterprises

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