Answer the door

Sometimes the decisions people make blow my mind. Case in point: Turning down the opportunity to be interviewed.

lindaAs I was working on a freelance writing assignment for a business magazine, I contacted several sources provided to me by the editor of the publication. The assignment was to interview these individuals about a specific topic; they were the experts and I was to get their opinions and ideas. There was nothing controversial about the article.

Two of the four individuals opted out of the interview. Their reason: They were too busy.

Too busy to get free publicity for their company? That’s what an interview for an article is — free publicity. It’s better than by-lining an article. It’s better buying an advertisement. It’s even better than authoring a book! It’s better because the writer is contacting you as an expert. Your expertise is being endorsed by a third party.

This isn’t the first time people have turned down the opportunity to be interviewed for an article. It won’t be the last. But it still astounds me. Opportunity knocks and they refuse to open the door.

Don’t make that mistake. If a reporter or a writer asks to interview you, make the time. Answer the door.

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Linda Segall
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